Leading From Peace When All Hell Is Breaking Loose


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Do you feel like you’re being barraged on every side by the needs of your company, your employees, or your customers? Do you feel overwhelmed by the challenges and constant pressures of leading your organization? Do most days at work feel like you’re trying to hang on in the middle of a storm? What if you could feel calm and lead with confidence and control, no matter what is going on around you?

In The Eye Of The Storm, TedX speaker and successful business owner Brad Borkhuis will share with you how he turned his company from a $7000,000 loss into a thriving and profitable business doing $50 million in sales. In this book you’ll learn:

  • How you can navigate the immense pressures and challenges of leadership while maintaining your peace (no matter what is going on around you)
  • How to create raving fans in those you lead by creating an environment for them to succeed (even if they don’t see it yet)
  • How to craft a work environment that breeds success, creativity and peace
  • How to hire and FIND the right people to support your vision
  • The secret to creating an organized business (without sacrificing your freedom and creativity)
  • How to Lead from Peace when all hell is breaking lose around you.
  • And Much More…
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Brad Borkhuis is the founder of Epitome Coaching and Consulting. After facing a $700,000 loss he turned his flailing family business into a $50 million thriving company. Today he coaches business owners and managers on how to lead from peace, no matter the storm they’re facing. Connect with him atwww.eyeofthestormbook.com